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Professional Levels: All workshops, webinars, in-services and presentations can be modified from basic to advanced levels depending on audience needs

Intended Audience: Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Audiologists, Adoption Professionals, Speech Language Specialists, General and Special Education Teachers, Administrators, Child Study Team Members, Mental Health Professionals, Nurses, Pediatricians, Guidance Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Parents.

Contact hours: We offer a range of services depending on the audience needs and requirements including:

1-2 hour webinars

2-3 hour presentations

5-6 hour in-services

1-2 day workshops

 Presentation Topics:

  • Dyslexia/Reading Disabilities
  • Social Communication Disorders
  • Language Disorders
  • Internationally Adopted Children
  • Bilingualism/Multiculturalism
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  • Psychiatric, Emotional and Behavioral Disturbances
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Genetic Syndromes and Developmental Disabilities

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From Behavior Management and Assessment of Social Communication for SLPs (LAUSD June 2017)

I am a speech pathologist for LAUSD who attended your CEU event last week. I wanted to thank you for the informative presentation, I learned a great deal during the event. Having completed my clinical fellowship a year ago, it is inspiring to hear from such a knowledgeable professional. The population you work with seems truly fascinating. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Los Angeles and thank you again for sharing your knowledge about the field.

Best Regards,  Julie Shvarts LAUSD Language and Speech (DIS-LAS) Paul Revere Charter Middle School (M-F)

From Wordless Picture Books to Reading Instruction Conference Testimonial (District 75 April 2017)

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful workshop. The powerpoint was thorough, your lecture was insightful and the resources were very beneficial! I cannot wait to begin to implement them into my sessions.

Alyssa Arnica, CF-SLP


Bilingual Conference Testimonial (December  2016)

Embarking upon a new career as a school based CF was a daunting task. Luckily my school district provided us with an amazing professional development conference that focused on bilingualism and literacy and was spearheaded by none other than Ms. Tatyana Elleseff. The conference was such a “light-bulb” moment for me. Tatyana touched on such important issues that must be addressed when working with the ELL population. These issues included everything from cultural competence, translanguaging, and dynamic assessment, to prompt levels, session structures and maintaining factors. She broke down all these relevant issues and made them into understandable, thoughtful, and functional concepts. Most important of all was that ALL the information provided was……EVIDENCE BASED!!!! As SLP’s we are called upon to provide not only the most effective services but also services that have been systematically proven as effective. Evidence based practices are key and Tatyana was a wealth of evidence based knowledge. I left the conference energized and inspired. Her support did not end at the conference as she has made herself available as a resource through her smart speech therapy website and social media presence. My entire caseload, split between two schools, are ELL’s and Tatyana’s ongoing support has strengthened my proficiency and supported my growth so that I can better service my caseload. Thanks Tatyana!

Joselito Luis Matos

Bilingual Provider NYC, BOE

Bilingual Conference Testimonial (December 2015)

Thank you so much for yesterday’s PD it was very insightful and refreshing to hear a lot of the topics you shared with us.  I also liked how honest you were with us about why our bilingual system is the way it is and how we as providers can DO OUR BEST to make sure our students receive a fair chance through our therapy.

Best Regards,

Raquel  Collado-Guerrero

Bilingual Teacher of Speech and Language Disabilities

Bilingual Conference Testimonial (December 2015)

Dear Tatyana,
I attended your presentation yesterday for bilingual providers in the NYC’s Department of Education and wanted to reach out to thank you. The presentation was informative and concise. Your overall enthusiasm for bilingualism in our field was refreshing and much appreciated. I hope to attend one of your other presentations in the future! It has been years since I felt alive in our profession. I will be sharing your blog and Facebook page with my speech colleagues in other fields.

All the best,
Sara Sowyrda, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
P.S. 239Q Ridgewood

Bilingual Conference Testimonial (December 2015)

Dear Ms. Elleseff,

Thank you very much for presenting to the NYC DOE bilingual SLPs today. And thank you also for addressing my questions during the break. I highlighted many sections of your printout for future reference.
Best regards,
Álvaro Mendoza Heinig

Bilingual Conference Testimonial (December 2015)

Dear Ms. Eleseff,

THANK YOU so much for your presentation.
What wonderful content–pertinent, thorough, and timely! Your experiences and expertise added to the dimension of the topics. Thank you for being so gracious to offer to share all this information.
Mayra Santos-Torres
–attentively sitting at in front row on Thursday : )

Podcast Testimonial  

Recently I listened to a recorded podcast about Communication Issues in International Adoption featuring speech-language pathologist and international adoption specialist, Tatyana Elleseff.  This hour long podcast was full of insightful and essential information for educators and therapists who work with internationally adopted children as well as parents who may have internationally adopted children or who are looking to adopt in the future.  Tatyana’s knowledge and understanding of this subject is apparent as she provides step by step information regarding the red flags that may be evident in communicative behavior, developmental history and family history of internationally adopted children beginning at infancy.  She addresses the differences between inter and intra-country adoption and provides links to free resources regarding the types of questions parents should ask prior to adoption.  In addition, she discusses the newest trends in international adoption and what parents, therapists and educators should take note of when working with IA children.  Finally, Tatyana takes the time to share some information regarding the typical language development of internationally adopted children within the first year post adoption and how speech-language pathologists must understand the difference between functional expressive language skills and the continued need for speech and language support for further development of adequate academic language to facilitate success in the classroom environment.  Tatyana’s information is functional and parent-friendly.  My only regret is that this podcast was only an hour long.  I look forward to hearing more from Tatyana in the future on this subject.

Tatyana Elleseff is an extremely engaging and knowledgeable professional speaker who presents the most salient and functional information on the subject tailored to her select audience.  I would recommend her to professionals and parents alike and hope that she will offer some online courses in the future for my own professional development.

Maria Del Duca, M.S. CCC-SLP

Owner of Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC

Workshop Testimonial

Tatyana Elleseff recently came to Omaha, Nebraska, to present her workshop on Language Differences vs. Language Disorders.  Across the United States and across Nebraska, school districts are faced with an increasing amount of children and youth enrolling in schools with English as their second language or third language.  This not only presents challenges for instruction, but it also present challenges in the manner in which special service programs evaluate children and youth for speech and language delays verses language differences.

Tatyana Elleseff presented researched based methods to our staff on the sequence of language acquisition.  She went into detail in discussing researched based practices in the area of assessment of bilingual students and she explained the need to use mixed methodology triangulation data gathering tools such as interviews, surveys, and observations to gather the most meaningful data to support the child’s strengths and needs.

In short, Tatyana Elleseff is by far the best presenter we have had in this area ever and she continually demonstrated her personal expertise in the area of second language learner language acquisition and development.  She is highly engaged with her audience and goes above and beyond the basics to provide an energetic and professional workshop.  If you have not heard Tatyana present and you have needs in these areas I strongly recommend you contact her as soon as possible to discuss your training needs and her skills to meet your needs.


Dr. Greg Gaden

ESU #3, Director of Student Service

Omaha, Nebraska 68128

Workshop Testimonial

As former president of the Warren County Speech Language Hearing Association, one of my responsibility was to acquire presenters for our organization.  Tatyana’s name was submitted to me, and we as an organization invited Tatyana to speak on the topic of Language Differences vs Language Disorders.  Her presentation was very thorough, interesting, research based and attention getting.  She is a bright, personable, enthusiastic Speech-Language Pathologist who has a gift of sharing and imparting knowledge.  Her enthusiasm for the field is both contagious and encouraging.  If you have an opportunity to attend one of Tatyana’s workshops, do so!  You won’t be disappointed!!

Juliette Skoldberg MS CCC-SLP

Former president of the Warren County Speech Language Hearing Association

Warren County, NJ


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