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Turtle Talk App Review and Giveaway

photo 3Today I am reviewing another app from Aptus Therapy called Turtle Talk. The app’s premise is very simple – essentially it acts as an interactive pacing board to decrease the rate of speech in children with fast rate of speech and imprecise speech inteligibility. In contrast to traditional static pacing boards Turtle Talk provides a fun visual cue to help the child pace their speech.

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Begin by choosing a conversation topic to answer the conversation questions using the app or choose your own. The clinician  then presets the speed with which the turtles fill with color in advance using the slider bar. The child then needs to press and hold down on a turtle and say a particular word. When the turtle has completely filled with color and turned around, they can then move on to the next turtle and say the next word. If they move on before the turtle turns around, they get a visual cue in the for of a ‘Too Quick’ reminder which flashes on the screen. 

photo 2

I’ve tried this app with several children on my caseload and I have to admit that having fun and concrete visuals have helped my clients significantly as compared to the usage of traditional static pacing boards. This app will also benefit therapists working with children with select developmental disabilities such as Fragile X, known for having increased conversational speech intelligibility.  You can find this app on iTunes for $4.99, or you can enter my Rafflecopter Giveaway to win one of 5 promo codes provided to me by the developer.

Disclaimer: Please note that after the contest’s completion the winners will be announced on the Smart Speech Therapy LLC Facebook Page as well as named by the Rafflecopter app embedded in the blog post. Due to the amount of giveaways and contests run by Smart Speech Therapy LLC, winners will NOT be individually notified by email. Failure to claim your prize within a 3 day period following the contest’s completion will result in the forfeit of your prize. 

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