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The Magnificent Traveling Palace Apps Giveaway

From March 26th-29th  “Laloo the Red Panda” (Laloo LLC), “Little Blue Jackal” (Niyaa LLC), and “The Magnificent Travelling Palace” (Plane Tree Family Productions), Indian theme book apps for children will be available on itunes for a discounted price  $.99 each.

Here’s a little bit of information regarding each app:

The Magnificent Travelling Palace is a gorgeously illustrated interactive book which tells the story of four children embarking upon an exciting adventure after boarding a luxury train in India. The book allows the readers to  learn about occupations in India, foods, as well as listen to some lovely Indian music.

Little Blue Jackal is an interactive story app based on an Indian folk story from the Panchatantra (a collection of animal based fables).  It is a story of an ordinary jackal who accidentally turned blue after he was chased into a bucket of blue paint by several dogs who caught him stealing some food. He then meets  lion, king of the jungle, who is so impressed by his exotic looks that he gives him his crown. Intrigued yet??   Get the app to find out more. 

Finally, Laloo is an adventure story of a lost, rare red panda cub who is trying to find his way home.  The app nicely interweaves elements of  Indian culture, with cute artwork and adorable characters. However, it also educates regarding the panda’s endangered species status due to the destruction of its habitat. 

All three apps are terrific for introducing multiculturalism to young children  whether at school, home, or speech language therapy.

Now for the fun part, thanks to the generosity of  Shoham Drori of  Plane Tree Family Productions  I’ll be giving away the following:

2 copies of The Magnificent Traveling Palace

2 copies of the Little Blue Jackal as well as

1 copy of Laloo the Red Panda.

So enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to win!

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