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Super Sweet SLP Frenzy!

10577017_1507393046184550_3535116238090541827_nGet ready for another SLP Frenzy, and this one is a Super Sweet One!. Starting this Sunday, October 26th parents and professionals can participate in a two day Frenzy Hop. From 9 AM EST Sunday, October 26th until 10 p.m. EST Monday, October 27th some of your favorite SLP bloggers will be having a Facebook Frenzy.  During the Frenzy, you’ll get the opportunity to download over 20 candy themed freebies! So get ready for the Frenzy Hop by clicking on the interactive Frenzy map link to find out the frenzy participants.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 8.11.14 PM

How to participate: Click on any of the 20 images on the interactive map. The link will take you to Facebook where you will see the following image


 click on that image and follow the directions of how to download that blogger’s freebie and move on to the next one. Have Fun Hopping!


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