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Review and Giveaway Wh-Questions Island

Today I am reviewing WH Questions Island by Virtual Speech Center.  The app was originally released a few years ago but since I recently reviewed their “Questions Hunt“, and because this app was recently updated, I was very interested in comparing how the two stack up.

This app contains a total of 480 what, where, who, when, why, and how questions, which are organized in 4 sets each consisting of 80 questions.

WH Questions Island Settings

You can customize the “Settings” in the following way :

  • Alternative Count – use the “-” / “+” buttons to choose how many turns each student gets in group therapy
  • Audio – control the verbal presentation during sessions
  • Auto/ Random Paging decide which option words best for you
  • Show/Hide Instructions


New app improvements include:

  • Ability to randomize activities in addition to pages
  • Hide score during the session
  • Ability to disable score sounds
  • Ability to change score sounds
  • Ability to update user
  • UI improvements

The app consists of two activity types – flashcards and board game and includes both receptive and expressive modes. In receptive mode, children listen to wh-questions and select the correct answer when given three written choices they can also hear auditorily. In the expressive mode, children need to verbally answer wh-questions without any visual/written cues.

When you are ready, start by selecting the avatar for your student/s, the mode (R or E) as well as the type of questions you’d like for them to target.

Flashcard Mode:

Here is an example of “when” questions in the receptive mode.


Here is an example of “why” questions and expressive mode.


Here is an example of “where” questions in the receptive mode.

And this is an example of “why” questions in the expressive mode.


Board Game Mode: 

Contains cute little pirate animals, treasure, and question marks. You begin by tapping on the spinner in the middle of the board, after which the player’s token will move spaces (between 1-4). If the student lands on a question mark, a question flashcard will appear to answer. If the student lands on a crab or crocodile space, they go backward one space. If the student lands on a parrot or butterfly space, they go forward one space. If the student lands on a pot of gold, an animation will play.

In both flashcard/board game mode, once the student completes the designated set of questions/reaches the end of the game, his/her results can be accessed in the report center.

Overall, I think that this is a useful app for working on answering WH questions with and without written multiple choice answers. I particularly like the fact that it uses real life photographs in conjunction with the questions as I think they may be more salient to children with cognitive impairments.

You can find this app for 9.99 in the iTunes Store or you can enter my Rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win your own FREE copy!

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3 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway Wh-Questions Island

  1. This app looks great to supplement teaching children how to answer “wh” questions, especially my students on the autism spectrum who really struggle in this area. The real life photos would be an added benefit!

  2. This app would be great with lots of my kiddos who love the iPad and need to work on WH questions!

  3. Thanks for the review! I like that there are visuals to go with the receptive and expressive modes. I find that my students still get confused with the difference between a question and a comment, and the difference between asking and telling-way beyond the point when it is age appropriate to do this. The “wh” words are so abstract I think any cues we can give students to grasp what they mean is helpful.

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