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New Giveaway: Overview of Standardized Assessments for Preschool and School Aged Children

When my FB page hits 600 Likes I’ll be giving away the handouts to my presentation: “Overview of Standardized Assessments for Preschool and School Aged Children.”
The handouts contain the following information:

Review of the Renfrew Bus Story

Review of The Strong Narrative Assessment 

Review of the  Test of Narrative Language (TNL)

Review of the   Narrative Assessment Protocol (NAP)

Review of the Narrative Language Measures (NLM)

Links to Select Free Assessment and Intervention Resources

How to win:

1. Share my FB page publicly and leave a Comment on FB that you’ve entered this giveaway.

2. Comment ON MY BLOG below this entry why you would like this handout.

Once my FB page hits 600 likes, I will choose 20 winners, whose responses I liked the best.

Good Luck!

16 thoughts on “New Giveaway: Overview of Standardized Assessments for Preschool and School Aged Children

  1. Hi Tanya, I really gained a lot of great concise information from your last presentation giveaway. I am aiming to begin my CFY in a middle school where I know I will be assessing narratives a lot. I’m sure that your presentation package would give me a good solid foundation to build upon early in my clinical career. Please consider me for your giveaway!
    Kind regards,

  2. I recently got your mini presentation “Assessing Personal Narratives in Preschool and School Age Children” and I am super impressed. I am looking forward to learning more about narratives and how to do a variety of assessments.

    I have a question that you may know how to answer: I know that literacy units are important to bring into the therapy room to work on reading, print recognition, sequencing, etc. I am wondering if you have information on how reading and listening to stories may help students develop narratives.

  3. Hi Tatyana
    I also have gained much valuable information from past giveaways as well as from one of your presentations on Speech I have been using the Test of Narrative Language for a few years and like that I can get a standardized score.I would love to read a review of it and the other measures. So many of my students seem to have difficulty in this area.

  4. This presentation looks so GREAT! I would love to add it to my arsenal of educational materials for my PK kiddos! All your stuff is so so great! Thanks

  5. The information would be useful to me.

  6. I learned in graduate school the value of narrative language assessment. I feel that the school system I am employed in does not employ Narrative assessment as it should be. This would be a very valuable tool added to our assessment procedures.

  7. I recently attended a workshop where the presenter said narrative language is one of the key components to reading comprehension. I work is a special specializing in language & reading disorders. This would be very valuable info to aid me in my service delivery to these students.

    1. Absolutely! Numerous studies on story recall have found that story retelling leads to large improvements in story comprehension, making inferences, and understanding of story structure. Link:

  8. I’ve read that narratives are usually developed by middle school aged students. However, most of my students really struggle with this skill. I would love to have a resource to look at to aid in this assessment.

  9. I need to use narrative assessment more in my practice and work at the preschool. Would love to use this to help my student as well for this is her first placement with children. I’m sure this would be valuable to both of us. Love everything u do!! U r a wonderful clinician and an inspiration in our field!!!

  10. Hi Tatyana!

    I work in an early intervention program. This handout would really be useful in my work.

  11. I have just discovered your website and am so excited to find out what you have to offer. I work with the 0 to 5 population and am very interested in identifying those children at risk for reading and written language difficulties before they get to kindergarten. Narration is vital in analyzing children’s language skills and your information will be well used. Thanks for sharing a needed area of expertise.

  12. I love narratives. I’ve worked with students as a speech aide, and am now a 1st year grad student in SLP. I’m doing a presentation on narrative assessments in my school-aged language learning disabilities class next month. I’d love this info!

  13. This will be a very good start for me to use on my student and i know this will be a great help.


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