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Meebie App Review and Giveaway

meebieToday I am bringing you a review of a cool app called Meebie developed to target play and emotional expression.

Meebie’s premise is very simple, children get to create fun characters to portray and express a variety of feelings

When you open the app you see a screen with two choices (shown below)

Make a New Meebie and My Saved Meebies

iPad Screenshot 1
If you are making a new Meebie you get the following screen so the child gets to decide whether s/he want to work with the whole body or just the face:

meebie 2

I chose to work with the face only, so I got this screen: meebie strip

As you can see from above you can now start creating a variety of facial expressions by choosing the relevant facial parts from the se movable strip (left/right direction) located on the bottom of the screen.

This is what I created:


Then I had an opportunity to save my creation, so the next screen was where I got to name my creation

meebie name

as well as to identify how its feeling from numerous built in emotion choices which range from simple (e.g., sad) to quite complex (e.g., flabbergasted)

meebie feelings

And that’s pretty much what the app is all about.

After my clients and I played around with it for a while I can tell you that this deceptively simple app has numerous complex uses.

It can be used to teach emotion identification as well as expression, since many children with social pragmatic language deficits, psychiatric impairments as well as emotional disturbances may present with difficulty recognizing as well as expressing a variety of emotions appropriately.

It can also be a useful  tool not just in speech therapy but play therapy and can be used by related professionals to teach children to cope with trauma, loss, grief, as well as other relevant emotions.

After creating the Meebie, the child can also explain why s/he chose a particular name or a particular emotional expression for his character so a relevant discussion can be generated to open the dialogue between the therapist and the child.

Because the character is gender neutral it is great for use of boys and girls alike. It could be used with  toddlers and preschoolers to identify relevant body and facial parts as well as to talk about basic emotion recognition (happy, mad, sad). However, it could also be used with much older children when working on a variety of social emotional goals and concepts.

 Children can make a number of Meebie characters expressing different emotions. They can save photos on their ipads and create whole albums of characters or they can create posters with different characters so they could talk about how they themselves feel in the beginning and the end of a session (emotion check in/emotion check out)

This app may be particularly useful for children on the autism spectrum especially because its slightly increased complexity (character vs a photo of a person) will help the child to increase not just their emotion recognition but their emergent perspective taking skills as well as problem solving abilities.

The app price is also just about right since its only $.99 cents.  However, thanks to Ginny of Orkid Toys® I have 5 promo codes of this fabulous app to giveaway so you can check it out how it works for yourselves.  Feel free to enter my Rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win.

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2 thoughts on “Meebie App Review and Giveaway

  1. I would use this app with my students on the autism spectrum working on emotions.

  2. I would use it with a variety of my students to have them identify emotions / facial expressions of each other and then provide a statement of why their peer is feeling that way.

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