Professional Consultations

Presently Smart Speech Therapy LLC provides two types of specialized consultatons. 

PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATIONS is a service provided to Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) seeking specialized in-depth assessment and/or treatment recommendations regarding specific client cases or who are looking to further their professional education in the following specialization areas:


  • Performing Independent Evaluations (IEEs) in Special Education Disputes
  • Comprehensive Language and Literacy Assessments
  • Comprehensive Early Intervention Assessments of Monolingual and Bilingual Children
  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessment and Treatment of post-institutionalized Internationally Adopted Children
  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessment and Treatment of Children with Psychiatric and Emotional Disturbances
  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessment and Treatment of Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  • Assessment and Management of Social Pragmatic Language Disorders
  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessment and Treatment of Bilingual and Multicultural Children
  • Speech Language Assessment and Treatment of Severely Cognitively Impaired Clients
  • Speech, Language, and Literacy Assessment and Treatment of Children with Genetic Disorders

These professional consultation sessions are conducted via GoTo Meeting and include video conferencing as well as screen sharing.

The goal of this service is to facilitate the SLPs learning process in the desired specialization area. The initial consultation includes extensive literature, material and resource website recommendations, with the exception of Smart Speech Therapy LLC products, which are available separately for purchase through the online store.

The initial consultation length is 1 hour. SLPs are encouraged to forward de-identified client records prior to the consultation for review. In select cases (and with appropriate permissions) forwarding a short video/audio recording (~7 minutes)  of the client in question is recommended.

Upon purchasing a consultation the client will be immediately emailed potential dates and times for the consultation to take place.   Afternoon, Evening and Weekend hours are available for the client’s convenience. In cases of emergencies consultations may be rescheduled at the client’s/Smart Speech Therapy’s mutual convenience.

While refunds are not available for this type of service, in an unlikely event that the consultation lasts less than 1 hour, leftover time can be banked for future calls without any expiration limits.  Call sessions can be requested as needed and conveyed in advance via email.  For further information click HERE.

Professional Presenter Consultation (9-20-15)

I have participated in a professional consultation with Tatyana and it has been so helpful. Her advice is practical and very clear. Her professional consultations regarding caseload questions are very thorough and her recommendations are quite comprehensive chock full with numerous evidence-based strategies, classroom and therapy room accommodations and modifications. In addition, when asked more personalized mentoring questions, she has been extremely helpful in guiding me with respect to the ins and outs of becoming a professional presenter. Her experience and knowledge in a wide variety of professional areas is unparalleled. I cannot recommend her enough for your professional needs.
Maria Del Duca, M.S. CCC-SLP
Communication Station: Speech Therapy LLC

Professional Independent Evaluation Consultation Testimonial (8/20/15)


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the mentorship consultation with you yesterday. I learned a great deal, and appreciated your straight forward approach, and most of all, your scholarly input. You are a thorough professional. This new service that you offer is invaluable for many reasons, one of which is that it buffers the clinical isolation of solo private practice.  I look forward to our next session, about which I will email you in the next week or so. If stars are given, I give you the maximum number of stars possible!    The consultations are pure wonderful!
With gratitude,
Aletta Sinoff Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BCBA-D
Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Beachwood  OH 44122
Professional Early Intervention Report Writing Consultation Testimonial (8/16/15)

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a 1-hour phone consultation with Tatyana Elleseff, M.A. CCC-SLP for the purpose of honing my evaluation skills of the Early Intervention age group. Within this hour Tatyana outlined her evaluation process, the sub-headings and overall content of a sample evaluation report, resources utilized, and trouble-shooting strategies. I was incredibly impressed with her breadth of knowledge, her overall professionalism and the depth of content within her evaluation reports. After completion of the consultation she also sent me many resources to review to further enhance my evaluation skills. Through this consultation I gained invaluable mentorship for which I am grateful and I am certain that my evaluation skills will improve as a result. I highly recommend Tatyana’s consultation services and look forward to consulting with her again in the near future.Valeria Krivelevich M.A. CCC-SLPEffective Expression Speech Therapy PLLCBrooklyn, NY 11229

PARENT CONSULTATIONS is a service provided to clients who live outside Smart Speech Therapy LLC geographical area (e.g., non-new Jersey residents) who are interested in comprehensive specialized in-depth consultations and recommendations regarding what type of follow up speech language services they should be seeking/obtaining in their own geographical area for their children as well as what type of carryover activities they should be doing with their children at home.

Consultations are provided with the focus on the following specialization areas with a focus on comprehensive assessment and intervention recommendations:

  • Language and Literacy 
  • Children with Social Communication (Pragmatic) Disorders
  • Bilingual and Multicultural Children
  • Post-institutionalized Internationally Adopted Children
  • Children with Psychiatric and Emotional Disturbances
  • Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

The initial consultation length of this service is  1 hour. Clients are asked to forward their child’s records prior to the consultation for review, fill out several relevant intakes and questionnaires, as well as record a short video (~10 minutes). The instructions regarding video content will be provided to them following session payment.

Upon purchasing a consultation the client will be immediately emailed the necessary paperwork to fill out as well as potential dates and times for the consultation to take place.   Afternoon, Evening and Weekend hours are available for the client’s convenience. In cases of emergencies consultations may be rescheduled at the client’s/Smart Speech Therapy’s mutual convenience.

Refunds are available during a 3 day grace period if a mutually convenient time could not be selected for the consultation. Please note that fees will not be refundable from the time the scheduled consultation begins.

Following the consultation the client has the option of requesting a written detailed consultation report at an additional cost, which is determined based on the therapist’s hourly rate. For further information click HERE.

To find out whether these services are right for you call 917-916-7487 or email [email protected]  .

International Language and Literacy Teleconsultation (10-26-16)

My 14 y.o. son has difficulty performing various language-related tasks. He is unable to retell stories and movies, makes grammatical errors when speaking, cannot use complex sentences, and has difficulties expressing his opinion in conversations. Because my son excels in math and science, initially I was not terribly concerned with this as I thought that he might develop skills in reading and writing later in life.

However, as he grew older rather than improving these difficulties only got worse and I became very concerned that it would affect his future life outcomes (e.g., college admission chances in either Israel where we live or in the United States where his older brother currently studies). So I began to search for a professional who could assist my son in improving his abilities for academics. One of my friends recommended I consult a speech-language pathologist and another friend from the United States recommended Tatyana Elleseff as one of the best specialists in this field.

Still unsure if that was what we truly needed, I still scheduled a teleconsultation with Tatyana for my son and myself and began filling out preliminary intake forms that Tatyana sent me before the meeting.

Right away I noticed that my son was displaying deficits on approximately 80% of questions and began to understand that he does have a real problem, which should be taken seriously. Not only were his academic difficulties a concern but I also realized that his social communication abilities (which I had previously considered to be a completely unrelated problem) were significantly impaired as well and required addressing as well.

Tatyana began her consultation by first interviewing my son for a period of time (he speaks Russian and English besides his native Hebrew, so they understood one other quite well) and I saw him enjoying the conversation. After that Tatyana spoke to me. She highlighted to me in which areas she recommended he be tested and also explained the ramifications of leaving his deficits untreated (he is at risk of developing mental health problems such as anxiety and depression). Since we live in different countries and Tatyana was not available to work with my son in person, she did some research and found reliable speech-language pathologists in Israel who could assist my son and recommended that I contact them for further assistance.

I highly value Tatyana’s professional experience and totally trust her recommendations. I already contacted the suggested therapists and my son will start services shortly. I’m also planning on bringing my son to the United States in April for supplemental therapy sessions with Tatyana in order to strengthen his remediation program. I strongly believe that with Tatyana’s help my son will improve his academic performance, build social skills, gain self-esteem, and overcome emotional instability. I recommend Tatyana without reservations to any parents of children with language or literacy difficulties living outside of United States for a language and literacy teleconsultation.

O.G., Rishon Lezion, Israel

Language and Literacy Consultation Parent Testimonial (10-21-16)

“I consulted with Tatyana Elleseff in preparation for a CSE initial eligibility meeting. I had evaluations from the school district and a private psychologist. I needed help connecting the dots in what was a very nuanced case. There was absolutely something going on with my child’s language and learning and understanding the reports and what direction to go in next was essential. Ms. Elleseff analyzed the findings with great attention to detail. Ms. Elleseff gave me specific and evidence based recommendations that finally made sense. She presented possibilities that had not previously been explored. Ms. Elleseff showed extreme expertise in connecting my observation and intuition as a parent with the science of language. She educated me and made recommendations about additional and more specific tests, prepared me for the CSE meeting and gave me suggestions on the types of interventions that I might consider for my child. I highly recommend her for a parent consultation”. Parent, Westchester County, NY

International Adoption Consultation Parent Testimonial (11/11/13)

I found Tatyana and Smart Speech Therapy online while searching for information about internationally adopted kids and speech evaluations. We’d already taken our three year old son to a local SLP but were very unsatisfied with her opinion, and we just didn’t know where to turn. Upon finding the articles and blogs written by Tatyana, I felt like I’d finally found someone who understood the language learning process unique to adopted kids, and whose writings could also help me in my meetings with the local school system as I sought special education services for my son.I could have never predicted then just how much Tatyana and Smart Speech Therapy would help us. I used the online contact form on her website to see if Tatyana could offer us any services or recommendations, even though we are in Virginia and far outside her typical service area. She offered us an in-depth phone consultation that was probably one of the most informative, supportive and helpful phone calls I’ve had in the eight months since adopting my son. Through a series of videos, questionnaires, and emails, she was better able to understand my son’s speech difficulties and background than any of the other sources I’d sought help from. She was able to explain to me, a lay person, exactly what was going on with our son’s speech, comprehension, and learning difficulties in a way that a) added urgency to our situation without causing us to panic, b) provided me with a ton of research-orientated information for our local school system to review, and c) validated all my concerns and gut instincts that had previously been brushed aside by other physicians and professionals who kept telling us to “wait and see”.After our phone call, we contracted Tatyana to provide us with an in-depth consultation report that we are now using with our local school and child rehab center to get our son the help he needs. Without that report, I don’t think we would have had the access to these services or the backing we needed to get people to seriously listen to us. It’s a terrible place to be in when you think something might be wrong, but you’re not sure and no one around you is listening. Tatyana listened to us, but more importantly, she looked at our son as a specific kid with a specific past and specific needs. We were more than just a number or file to her – and we’ve never even actually met in person! The best move we’ve could’ve made was sending her that email that day. We are so appreciative.Kristen, P. Charlottesville, VA