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The Importance of Narrative Assessments in Speech Language Pathology (Revised)

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A few years ago I wrote a guest post on the importance of assessing narratives for another blog. Below is a revised version of that post containing the updates with respect to the assessment of narratives. As SLPs we routinely administer a variety of testing batteries in order to assess our students’ speech-language abilities. Grammar, […]

A Focus on Literacy

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In recent months, I have been focusing more and more on speaking engagements as well as the development of products with an explicit focus on assessment and intervention of literacy in speech-language pathology. Today I’d like to introduce 4 of my recently developed products pertinent to assessment and treatment of literacy in speech-language pathology. First […]

Creating A Learning Rich Environment for Language Delayed Preschoolers

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Today I’m excited to introduce a new product: “Creating A Learning Rich Environment for Language Delayed Preschoolers“.  —This 40 page presentation provides suggestions to parents regarding how to facilitate further language development in language delayed/impaired preschoolers at home in conjunction with existing outpatient, school, or private practice based speech language services. It details implementation strategies as well as […]

In Case You Missed it: And Now on the Value of Wordless Picture Books

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Last week I did a guest post for Figuratively Speeching on how I use wordless picture books in my assessment and therapy sessions. In case you missed it,  you can find it below. Today I am writing on one of my favorite topics: how to use wordless picture books for narrative assessment and treatment purposes […]