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The Limitations of Using Total/Core Scores When Determining Speech-Language Eligibility

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In both of the settings where I work, psychiatric outpatient school as well as private practice, I spend a fair amount of time reviewing speech language evaluation reports.  As I’m looking at these reports I am seeing that many examiners choose to base their decision making with respect to speech language services eligibility on the students’ […]

Improving Emotional Intelligence of Children with Social Communication Disorders

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Our ability to recognize our own and other people’s emotions, distinguish between and correctly identify different feelings, as well as use that information to guide our thinking and behavior is called Emotional Intelligence (EI) (Salovey, et al, 2008). EI encompasses dual areas of: emotion understanding, which is an awareness and comprehension of one’s and others emotions (Harris, 2008) and emotion regulation, which […]

Teaching “Insight” to students with language, social communication, and executive functions impairments

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One common difficulty our “higher functioning” (refers to subjective notion of ‘perceived’ functioning in school setting only) language impaired students with social communication and executive function difficulties present with – is lack of insight into own strengths and weaknesses. Yet insight is a very important skill, which most typically developing students exhibit without consciously thinking […]

Book Review and Giveaway: Learning To Read is Ball

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Today I have the pleasure of reviewing once again  another book written by a NJ based, fellow SLP, Kimberly Scanlon of Scanlon Speech Therapy LLC entitled “Learning to read is the ball”. I have previously reviewed another book by Kimberly entitled “My Toddler Talks“, which discusses parental strategies to facilitate language abilities in toddlers. In “Learning to Read is […]

Designing RTI-Based Vocabulary Interventions

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Smart Speech Therapy LLC is celebrating #BHSM2015  ASHA Better Hearing and Speech Month and participating in a RtI Blog Hop organized by Speech Language Literacy Lab. Below you will find my recommendations for designing effective vocabulary interventions for struggling students. This past academic year  I have been delivering vocabulary intervention once a week for an hour in my setting […]

Smart Speech Therapy Tips for SLPs On Finishing Strong

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Flowers are blooming, the sun is out, birds are chirping and many SLPs are miserable. Why? Because the end is almost near. End of the school year that is! For many it just happens to be the most stressful part of the year.  The frenzy of activity increases, the workload is at times overwhelming, and it […]

#BHSM – School Based Innovation and RtI FREEBIE Blog Hop

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To celebrate the 2015 ASHA Better Hearing and Speech Month in May, Speech Language Literacy Lab has organized an RtI Blog Hop. During the hop Smart Speech Therapy LLC along with 29 other professional bloggers from a variety of ancillary fields (e.g., OT, special education, etc.) will be sharing FREE materials and resources on the subject of School Based Innovation and RtI. […]