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Book Review: Easy-To-Say First Words

Today I am reviewing a cute book for toddlers entitled: Easy-To-Say- First Words: focus on Final Consonants written by a speech language pathologist -Cara Tambellini Danielson MA CCC-SLP.

The book’s intent is to help  young toddlers learn monosyllabic first words with an emphasis on word final sounds. It has super adorable illustrations and easy to say 3-letter (CVC) nouns, adjectives, and verbs.

 Here’s a list of one-syllable VC and CVC words the book targets:

  • up
  • hot
  • mop
  • hop
  • beep
  • cup
  • hat
  • bat
  • sun
  • eat
  • boat
  • book
  • read
  • kick
  • roll
  • ball
  • cake
  • bike
  • red
  • ride
  • duck

Here’s a list of initial and final consonants the book targets in single syllable words:

  • /p/
  • /b/
  • /m/
  • /n/
  • /r/
  • /d/
  • /t/
  • /k/
  • /g/
  • /h/
  • /s/

The book also includes a short guide for parents which explains how to get the most optimal outcome from it’s usage. Suggestions include making sure that the child clearly sees the parent’s face, making pauses while reading, usage of gestures and play, as well as responding with enthusiasm to emphasize correct word productions.

Easy to Say First Words - Inside Page 2

I really like the engaging illustrations and the use of repetitiveness throughout the book to emphasize the words being learned. The words are short, early developing, and easy to pair with gestures. I love the fact that it is appropriate to use with a wide range of young children include those with communication and developmental delays/disorders such as Autism, Down Syndrome, as well as Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

You can find Cara’s book on Amazon for $9.95.

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