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Bilingual Children with Disabilities Upcoming Workshop Objectives

Workshop: Special Considerations and Challenges in Assessment and Treatment of Bilingual Children with Developmental Disabilities  

Date; January 25th 2012

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

•Identify skills and knowledge necessary to qualify a practitioner to be called a bilingual SLP

•Identify and describe cultural and linguistic variables that may impact speech-language pathology services to bilingual/bicultural children

•Explain typical language development for monolingual and bilingual  speakers

•Explain the process of second language acquisition in children.

•Contrast communication differences and communication disorders in bilingual children

•Discuss research driven evidence based practice (EBP) assessment strategies for bilingual clients with communication disorders.

•Illustrate potential limitations of standardized tests

•Explain how to use alternative, non standardized methods to reduce assessment bias

•Describe research driven evidence based practice (EBP) treatment techniques for bilingual children with speech-language disorders.

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