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App Update and Giveaway: Speech Therapy for Apraxia

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A few months ago I reviewed an apraxia app I really liked called “Speech Therapy for Apraxia – NACD Home Speech Therapist” by Blue Whale Apps” aimed at the treatment of CAS and AOS in children and adults.  That review can be found HERE.

Developed by the National Association for Child Development (NACD) by an SLP, the Apraxia app provides choices of different phonemes to target and gradually increases the levels  of difficulty to improve motor planning for speech. I have liked a number of features in that app including that

  •  The syllables are arranged in a hierarchical order which is hugely important.
  • Great for drills of CV  monosyllabic words with very involved children.
  • Great for introducing new sounds.
  • Pictures are provided when possible (unless it’s a nonsense syllable)
  • Audio models are provided, which is great for all clients but particularly for very young children.
  • This app is perfect for drills so you can use it in the initial stages of working with children with a variety of speech sound deficits including articulation and phonological disorders.
  • Parents can use this app to practice at home what was taught in therapy.

Since that time the developer have released a new update

Now you can

  • Track the user’s progress
  • Share user’s progress with relevant parties via email

Now for the fun part

I have 3 copies of the app to give away so enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to check out this awesome app for yourself for free.
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