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App Review: Articulate It by Smarty Ears

I’ve been meaning to write a review for this particular app for quite a while because I like it that much! So I am glad i finally got around to it today. What makes this app stand out from the crowd of articulation apps? It’s not a new app it’s been around for a while yet it’s highly functional.

Articulate it! is a multi-player app created to improve speech sound production at word, phrase and sentence levels in initial, medial and final word positions as well as in consonant clusters.  It’s great not just for SLPs  but also for parents as well as teachers who can use the app to work on carryover activities outside of the therapy room. The app’s short, user friendly customer tutorial explains the app usage in just a few minutes.


This app has  quite a few awesome features.  The most important one to me is of course the ability to target sounds in all positions at word, phrase, and sentence levels in one picture set.

I also like the multitude of other options for its users including: option to select goals that target at the sound level, option to address select phonological processes (fronting, backing, stopping, gliding, deaffrication, final consonant deletion, initial consonant deletion) as well as option of targeting the manner of articulation (affricates, fricatives, plosives, glides, liquids, nasals).

Not only does it have thousands of photo images to support sound production in words, phrases, and sentences but you can also add your own words & images to the app if you’d like.  It has notes, audio, voice recorder, and camera mode features and offers flashcard & matching game modes.

Terrific enhancements are the built-in homework and the student certificates options as well as of course the data collection option which contains date of practice, target phoneme and its level, accuracy percentages as well as total number of attempted words. All the data can be emailed and saved in the student’s records outside of the app.

The app is very customizable and allows for the opportunity to turn on and off a variety of options such as written word captions, display of screen results, etc.  The price is also right, you can find it in the iTunes store for under $40, making it affordable for many limited SLP budgets.  Just the fact alone that it saves me the trouble of lugging and sorting through articulation decks and copying reproducible articulation books is worth it!

I have to admit, I own many articulation apps by different developers but the one app I invariably go back to when i need to work on child’s sound production is Articulate it!

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