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App Review and Giveaway Questions Hunt

Today I am reviewing an app from Virtual Speech Center called Questions Hunt.  The app targets answering 60 yes/no as well as 360 WH questions (what, where, who, when, why and how) in young children with language disorders.

This app is thematically based with questions in the following categories:

  • Beach
  • Park
  • Store
  • Campground
  • Airport and
  • School

This app is very easy to navigate containing typical Virtual Speech Center set up.



Once you select your individual student or your group of students simply tap on the questions you want them to answer (when, why, etc.) and the location you want to target (beach, park, etc.) and you’re good to go.IMG_0455

Next you will be taking two different pages depicting campground, school etc. They will depict people and objects with question marks hovering above them. Click on the question mark to begin answering questions.IMG_0456

If you are working on improving the student’s receptive language abilities then the student is shown the question which is also read orally along with 3 multiple choice answers. S/he can answer the questions by tapping on the correct answer choice.


In expressive tasks,  the students are only shown the questions to which they must provide their own oral responses.


In order to move between the questions the students need to swipe on the screen with their finger to the right until they get to the very end of all the questions in a particular category. Then if multiple locations were selected such as the park and the beach, the students need to press the “NEXT” button in order to move on to the next location.

 What I like about this app:

  • I like the bright and engaging thematically based illustrations
  • I really like the fact that I can use the app to target multiple goals including:
    • Auditory memory
    • Listening comprehension
    • Sentence formulation
    • Vocabulary knowledge and use
    • Critical thinking and verbal reasoning
  • I love the fact that this app is very useful for my preschool population as well as for children with developmental disabilities such as ASD and genetic syndromes (Down, Fragile X, etc.)

All in all this is a nice functional app for targeting WH questions in language impaired children. You can find this app on iTunes for $4.99, or thanks to the Virtual Speech Center you can enter my Rafflecopter giveaway to win a free code.

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5 thoughts on “App Review and Giveaway Questions Hunt

  1. I have a lot of students on my caseload who have goals to address wh- questions. This would be a fun way to reinforce their new skills.

  2. Oooh!!! I have lots of students on my caseload who need lots of practice with wh questions and this app looks particularly fun and engaging!

  3. Almost all of my students need help with wh- questions. This would fit nicely! [email protected]

  4. I would use it is therapy – I have several children working on questions and other language targets it looks like this app would accommodate. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

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