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App Review and Giveaway: Keyword Understanding

Today I am reviewing Keyword Understanding, a new app from Aptus Therapy.  The app was created to improve attention skills of children with auditory processing as well as receptive language deficits.

This app is great for children with processing difficulties which need to improve their ability to follow directions with a variety of embedded concepts. When you open the app you get the below screen which contains the following options.

photo 1

The Comprehension Check portion of the app, deals with one step directions pertaining to objects, colors and sizes,  such as  touch the ____, which one is _________, etc given choices of 2 or 4 pictures.

photo 2

The Information Carrying portion of the app deals with following complex multistep directions containing up to 6 target informational words in length, such as : “Touch the small yellow socks, and the big blue paintbrush

photo 4

Finally the Temporal Directions portion of the app, deals with following temporal directions containing “before” and “after” concepts in initial and medial sentence positions.

photo 5

After the student completes the required tasks they receive their results summary, which can be emailed to multiple recipients including self and parents:

photo 3

The last portion on the introductory screen is the Options window.  It provides app overview as well as detailed descriptions of the sections including what type of directions are contained in each section as well as what words are used by the app.

photo 1 (1)The user has the option of selecting all the words or just some of the words, as well as using ‘text’, ‘audio’, or both options for each of the 25 trials presented to the students. 

photo 2 (1)

What I liked:

  • Multiple opportunities to target following directions, linguistic concepts, colors, sizes, and objects for children of varying skill sets and abilities
  • Short targeted sessions which can be customized to work with severely impaired children
  • Selection of preferred targets
  • Selection of varying modes of presentation
  • Intuitive easy to navigate display 

Future Suggested Improvements:

  • Data collection component
  • Multiple user component for group therapy
  • Creation of more complex directions (e.g, conditional)

You can find this app on sale for $11.99 in the iTunes store or you can enter my Rafflecopter giveaway below to win one of 7 free codes generously provided to me by Aptus Speech.

Disclaimer: Please note that after the contest’s completion the winners will be announced on the Smart Speech Therapy LLC Facebook Page as well as named by the Rafflecopter app embedded in the blog post. Due to the amount of giveaways and contests run by Smart Speech Therapy LLC, winners will NOT be individually notified by email. Failure to claim your prize within a 3 day period following the contest’s completion will result in the forfeit of your prize.  a Rafflecopter giveaway

4 thoughts on “App Review and Giveaway: Keyword Understanding

  1. This app looks great and I would love to use it with my middle school-age clients!

  2. I have lots of students on my caseload with goals for following directions who could benefit from use of this app.

  3. I have students of all level working on following directions! This app would be useful for so many of them.

  4. I am always working on following directions for my kids with cochlear implants. this would be great.

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